Customer satisfaction is our goal. Contact us, our experience at your support to find the best choice for your needs.

The Alfieri Giovanni snc company takes care of customers satisfaction by using high quality raw materials and giving further services:


Designing and scheduling the work to be carried out is fundamental to obtain the best possible result, so if it is required, we will carry out site inspections with our expert to find together the best solutions to offer, combining according to the type of work to be carried out, the ideal product. Whether it is curtain walls, load-bearing or partitions or that concerns the sphere of self-blocking blocks for external flooring, our expert will guide you on the best choice and on the best installation system, recreating the various possible effects and showing you the infinite combinations of colors.


High quality raw materials, design and commitment need to be put beside the use of accurate protocols to guarantee the correct identity and aesthetic characteristics of the products during shipment phase. For this reason we use specific trucks and tool to ship products in safety.


By respecting all the regulations and procedures regarding safety on the road, we guarantee delivery in time without postponing the scheduled plan. Through our fleet we overcome the difficulties of maneuvers due to small spaces, downloading the products directly on the site where they will be used, avoiding further displacements which implies waste of time and favoring the activity of workers who will put them in place.