Giuseppe and Francesco Alfieri

The Alfieri Giovanni snc company was founded in 1970 thanks to the intuition and determination of Giovanni Alfieri who, by spending all of himself, spread the knowledge of the concrete products in the South East of Sicily and in particular in Ragusa and Siracusa areas where this kind of products were still not so popular. Since the beginning the quality of the products and the customer-oriented approach have been the key factors of the success which has allowed the company to invest in R&D and enlarging its portfolio in order to be a step ahead against competitors.

After Giovanni Alfieri step out, his sons have been leading the company and they are currently in charge of all business functions. They have given new inputs to the development process in terms of production optimization and market analysis to grab the right products and technologies to satisfy specific customers’ needs. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the use of high-quality raw materials, customers’ trustiness has constantly increased.

The Alfieri Giovanni snc company has assumed a key role in the market, leading the development of concrete products to a higher level and focusing the attention on customers satisfaction through investments in innovation. Respect, passion, commitment have led the Alfieri Giovanni snc company to celebrate its 50th year of business.